Tuesday, September 9, 2008


My mother's grandmother, my great-grandmother, Chase's great-great grandmother, passed away last night. When we saw her on Saturday she did not look like the Granny I had known growing up. She was so thin, had not been able to eat in days, and could not move. I remember the short, plump granny with the big bun of white hair on her head. We did get a 5 generation picture, but I do not have it on the computer yet. It was a happy/sad moment for sure. My heart breaks for my mother at the thought of losing her last grandparent, but I am relieved to know she is not suffering and has gone on to a better place. Sometimes prayers are answered, even when those answers are painful to face.

***I am grateful for
1) tomorrow is hump day
2) our new teacher starts w/her class tomorrow, yeah baby!
3) Doodlebug was full of kisses and hugs today
4) I know there are lots of prayers about Ike right now, looking a little scary
5) Granny is no longer suffering


Katie Baker said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your great-grandmother's passing. My gosh though, what a blessing to have had such a fufilling life. That picture will mean so much to Chase as he grows older. My prayers are with you, your mother and your family.

Mommy Daisy said...

My sympathy's to you and your family at the loss of your great-grandmother. It's such a blessing that you've known her for so long. 2 of my great-grandparents just passed away a few years ago. It was great to know them that long. I'm sad weren't here long enough to meet my son, but it was neat to have them at my wedding.

Stephanie said...

I am sorry for your family's loss.

Melanie said...

Sorry to her about your great-grandmother's passing.... But like you've said, she's not suffering anymore... and she's probably watching over you all... ;) Thinking of you lots... xo Melanie

kristi said...

Keep your memories close and pull them out when you need them. She is in a better place.