Thursday, November 8, 2007

The official number..... 9!!!!

The retrieval went smooth, actually much better than last time. Last time it took seven tries to get the IV in, this time it took one (I LOVE that nurse)! When I came out from the anesthesia I was told the count was at 8, but then Dr. Wong came out and said we had 9. 9 wonderful, beautiful eggs (according to me)! That is more than we have ever gotten, so we are very happy. Now we just need prayers that they will all be mature, good quality, fertilize well, and grow! I would be ecstatic if they all make it because we could transfer three and freeze six for future transfers. Oh I hope that happens. Actually, having any to freeze would make me extremely happy! We'll get a call tomorrow afternoon to let us know how they are doing and expect to transfer on Sunday morning. I feel really, really good about this cycle and Jeff has no doubt it will be nothing but good news. I'm taking it as a sign! I did get sick from the anesthesia and am still a little woozy, but that's normal and I'll be fine. As Jeff said, you have to go through the bad stuff to get the good stuff!

Thank you for the prayers!

Oh, please send prayers for Doodlebug too. Jeff had to take him in to the Dr. this afternoon and he has a terrible sinus infection..... stupid allergies. He also has a very red throat from the draining and has been put on a strong antibiotic, Mucinex, and Claritin. He spiked a fever of 103.4 early this evening, which is always so scary to me. Fortunately it seems to be breaking thanks to Motrin. I always hate when my sweetie is sick, but even worse we have Finding Nemo on Ice tickets for Saturday and we have been talking about it for weeks so he is very excited. Please pray that he is feeling better very soon and can go and enjoy the show! Thanks!


Myrannda said...

I meant to tell you this earlier, but if the doctor didn't mention it, buy some saline nasal spray. The ENT told us to use it for Wee One non-stop for her sinus issues, and it's really helped. And the best part? It's CHEAP, and you can use it as often as you want. It's really helped to keep her tiny little sinuses opened up, because trust me, long term ongoing sinus infections *are not* fun.

Congratulations on the 9 eggs!! That is so wonderful, and I'll keep saying prayers that everything goes smoothly!

Stephanie said...

Hi There!
That is great news about 9 eggs. WOOT! Hope that things continue to go well and your faith remains strong! I will be praying for yall!

Kim said...

Yay on 9 eggs. Keep up the positive attitude. I never really thought there was anything in positive thinking but Ray and I were both very positive the last cycle, I would NOT let myself think negative thoughts. I am thinking of ya!!

Kim said...

Oh and I hope the little man feels better. Sinus infections are the worst, I get about one a year. Yuck!!