Monday, November 5, 2007

Just a quick update on IVF #3

Time simply goes too fast. I feel like we've barely had a minute to rest this last week, much less sit down at the computer and actually make a blog entry worth reading. Perhaps I'll have some free time after the first of the year!

IVF #3 is going well. I'm stimming away rather well and it looks like we'll trigger tomorrow night and have our egg retrieval on Thursday (I love how I say we, when I really mean I will). I know that I have made more eggs this time, but have no clue how many. I feel like I could pop at any given moment. A Thursday retrieval means that our transfer will be on Sunday. We've never had a weekend transfer, so that is something new this time around.

Good news is a Sunday transfer means that we will still be able to attend Nemo on Ice this Saturday! I was really worried I'd miss it and am thrilled that things are working out this way. Bad news is it means I'll be on bed rest Sun - Wed. Other than the fact I hate bed rest, it means that I'll miss three days of work and that is tough. Guess it could be worse.

Oh to end the post I'll say that rifle season (deer) opened this past weekend and of course Jeff had to go hunting. He got a very nice doe last night and when Chase saw it he yells, "Dat's a BIG deer.... but it's broken!" Yes, you could say that. Then he gladly climbed up on the step stool to take a picture w/Daddy while looking at the deer w/total excitement in his eyes. He is soooo going to be his Daddy's clone and I love it!


Josie said...

Brian will be so jealous that gun season has already started. We are still in bow. He got permission to hunt a new area, so he is thrilled about that.

And Chase dear... Yes, that deer is broken!