Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nothing much to blog about.

We are now 4dp3dt (meaning four days post a three day transfer). I'm on my patches and pills, still getting my lovely progesterone shots every night, and bloodwork every other day. Of course I know nothing and have all kinds of "feelings" but when you are on the amount of meds I am you are going to have those things. I so wish we would find something out sooner rather than later. I'm feeling very positive, I just need it confirmed. I did a trigger HCG last night so HPTs are out of the question since it would come out positive no matter what. Just more waiting. At least the bedrest is done and Chase is back home, that part blew big time.

I did get our Nemo pictures back and they are crappy. Jeff found out that it is actually "Disney" that requests no cameras, I would so boycott them if my child wasn't totally in love with their characters. Oh well. I got a couple of good ones and will post those later. Of course they are just of Chase since you can't see anything but blurs on the stage, but I figure he's so darn cute you'll enjoy them anyway.

Hope all is well with all of you! It's almost Friday!