Sunday, January 30, 2011

The toughest Tiny Tiger Ever!!!

On Saturday Chase had testing for his next belt in karate. This time they decided to have all three of the schools converge and do one big testing. In all there were about 40 Tiny Tigers testing and Chase was the highest ranked out of them all... very impressive for our little guy! Words cannot describe how proud of am of this kid. Not only was he the highest ranked, he is also the only Tiny Tiger that has a weapons routine (nunchucks). Due to his ranking, he was first in line to test. I'm guessing there were no less than 500 people in the place between all the students testing, the family watching them, and the employees/judges for the schools. He didn't miss a beat, stepped right into the spotlight, and got to work! He did GREAT!!!! He now has his red stripe, which means he only has one more belt (two red stripes) before he earns his black belt! Here are a few pictures and a couple of videos from the big day.

(Other than my fat arms, the pics aren't too bad. Well, it would have been nice had the kid we got to take them not almost cut Chase off, but I'll take 'em!)

Duchess, MeMaw and PawPaw always come to cheer Chase on!

My Little Family of 4, love 'em!

****I am grateful for
1) a good weekend
2) awesome grandparents for our kids
3) my Tiny Tiger rocking his testing!
4) Mrs. Crystal, she has cut Chase's hair since he was two, we <3 her!
5) little smiles


Amber said...

Way to go, Chase!! So impressive!

Anonymous said...

WTG Chase! Kahla, what a really nice blog you have for your family. The kids will love reading this when they are older. The love you have for them really shines thru. God Bless! xoxoxo

Stacy E. said...

Great job, Chase! I am very proud of you! You were awesome!

Aunt Stacy <3