Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Princess Emery is 15 months old!

Sweet Princess Emery,

Today you are 15 months old! As always, I just can't believe that time is going this fast. I mean I know I should because it has gone just as fast with Chase, but it just seems like it's been working overtime with the two of you lately!

You are turning into a toddler more and more every day. You are busy, busy, busy and happy, happy, happy! You are talking, running, playing, and in to everything. Words can't even begin to describe how much we love you.

You still adore your brother and he still adores you. You can try his patience a little more now though!

Some of the words you say are, apple, meow, Mama, Dada, Bubba, Duchess, MeMaw, Pawpaw, Nana, MadMad (for Madison), Yoda, Mawee (Molly), eye, and many, many more. You talk all the time and I have a feeling it's not going to be quiet around here any time soon... which I love!

You have a mind of your own and a bit of a temper.

You can climb the stairs in about 10 seconds and try to every chance you get.

You love taking baths with your big brother and could play for hours.

You are very attached to your blankets and insist on having all of them you can find (good thing you are attached to the same kind your brother was, and still is at times, so that we have plenty)!

You do not want to give up your bottle and although we can make it through the morning without one, by naptime you are miserable and crying for it. If we try to give you a sippy you will kindly throw it across the room. I'm not saying you won't take a sippy, you just don't want it before nap time or bedtime. I'm blaming this on the fact you never would take a paci. You would be perfectly content just walking around with a bottle in your mouth all day and not even sucking on it.

Next week we go to the ENT for a tube consultation. I don't look forward to tubes, but I certainly look forward to no more ear infections!

Oh my sweet baby girl how I love you! I truly feel like my heart could burst it's so full! You and your brother are the best thing I've ever done and I couldn't be more proud.

Love, Mommy

***I am grateful for
1) my first miracle
2) my second miracle
3) my soulmate
4) weekend is almost here
5) 15 perfect in every way months!


Stacy E. said...

Happy 15 months, Miss Emery! You are a very sweet little girl! And you are such a little cutie, too!

Aunt Stacy
xoxo <3