Monday, January 24, 2011

Seriously slacking.

I know I'm a bad blogger and I'm not afraid to admit it. Life is just so busy that when I actually have time to sit and blog, I'm too tired or I'm catching up on other blogs, etc. Same old excuse as always. Jeff is working 7 days a week right now, so that leaves me on parenting duty all alone and anyone who's been there knows how that is! I do not know how single moms do it!!!!

In all honesty this week was pretty boring. Work, home, homework, karate, etc. Nothing really out of the ordinary. Emery had her ENT appointment and will get her tubes on Feb. 4th. So, send prayers for that. Since this is our third round of tubes in the Larson household we know what to expect, so that is good.

*Note to Chelle about the tubes. Thanks for the comments, we loved the fact that Chase could fly w/o his ears popping when he had tubes! Too bad we aren't flying to Disney this year. OMG, speaking of Disney, that is something exciting... will get back to that. Anyway, you can take them swimming, or at least we always have and were told it was OK. We were told chlorinated water good, bath water bad. We got special ear plugs from our ENT for bath time and when we went to the beach and all went well. And actually, our beloved ENT passed away last summer and our new ENT said we did not have to use plugs at all. But I'll double-check on that one. End of note.* ;o)

Now, how could I have forgotten this important bit of info?!?!!?! I made our Disney World reservations this week! We are all set to go at the beginning of June and we cannot wait! Chase thought we were going after the 100th day of school because they have a huge caterpillar that counts to that day, so he was slightly disappointed when I explained that it would be a little longer than that. He is so cute. I'll put more notes about the Disney trip in another post.

I guess I should go now. I had Jury Duty today that ended up being canceled (woohoo) but technically I should be cleaning and not blogging since I'm home alone. That is a rarity around here! Happy Monday to all!

****I am grateful for
1) canceled jury duty!
2) Disney trip is booked
3) a Monday off
4) home alone for a bit
5) my clean house (well, it will be eventually, maybe, I hope) ;o)


Chelle said...

I don't know how single parents do it either. They have a ton of respect from me (if they do it without beating the kids, of course).

Funny story, my daughter got her tubes last year on Feb 4th. lol. Hers have fallen out now, but her pediatrician said we won't have to do them again this year.

You're going to Disney World?! Lucky!!! I am so excited for you guys. I can't wait until my daughter is old enough that my husband will let us take her. Woohoo for you!