Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My baby isn't a baby anymore.

Today I received Chase's school supply list and immediately broke into tears. How can my baby possibly be old enough to be going to school? He was so excited that we had to go shopping right away. I have a feeling that the first day is going to be rough for both of us. Here's our little guy picking out his school supplies for the very first time, where does the time go?

***I am grateful for
1) bedtime
2) firsts
3) sleepy toddlers that finally go to sleep
4) school supplies (because he is so excited even if it makes me so sad)
5) our 4D ultrasound is one day closer!


Joy said...

They do get so big, so fast!!! My 4-year-old is starting preschool Aug. 17th and we got her school supply list (it's a full-day preschool). We're going to get supplies on the tax-free day. I think the first day of school is going to be hard, but kids are so great and your son will do awesome!