Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy July 4th! ( a little late)

We spent the 4th at the beach with Jeff's mom and dad and had a wonderful time. A friend/teacher I work with owns a beach house that we rented in Surfside and it is absolutely perfect. Just a short walk to the beach and w/in driving distance to Galveston. Has a great covered deck to watch the fireworks from in the evening and you get that awesome beach breeze. We went down on Friday and headed to the beach for a little bit that evening once PawPaw made it down there since he had to work part of the day. Then Saturday we drove over to Galveston and had a great lunch at Joe's Crabshack followed by dessert at The Rainforest Cafe. Then it was back to the Surfside for a little fishing before settling in to watch the fireworks. Sunday we did a little more fishing, one last beach walk (I stayed behind on that one to clean and totally missed Chase on his boogie board for the first time... grrrrr) and then headed home making a detour to stop and have dinner w/Duchess. I have to say it was a pretty great weekend! Enjoy the pics!

Building Sandcastles
(technically this is from the weekend before, I didn't take the camera to the beach this time!)

Chase and Daddy (my two favorite guys!)

A Family Pic (Chase is doing his Tiny Tiger face, so tough)

Memaw and PawPaw

Yummy Volcano Dessert, Chase was so excited!

Fishing w/Daddy (I love this pic!)

Chase's Fish (on Daddy's pole)

Yummy bread at Saltgrass (Mommy's fave) w/Duchess

Chase looks so red in the last picture, but today he's not even pink.... phew! Hope everyone else had a great 4th as well!!!

***I am grateful for
1) a wonderful weekend
2) those that sacrificed and made July 4th what it is
3) family time
4) making memories
5) Disney World is just days away!


Michelle said...

Happy 4th to you too. I am glad you had a good time. It sounds very nice!

Myrannda said...

I love them and wish we could have been there, too! He looks adorable as usual!

And I love that pink shirt you have on! You look great!

Chelle said...

What lovely pictures! I REALLY like the fishing one too with the sun hitting just right.

Sounds like you had fun!