Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Disney World 2009 - part of it anyway!

I really don't think I could ever post about everything we did at Disney this year. We did so much more than last year and thoroughly enjoyed every single park. The biggest downfall was that apparently this time of year is the time when all the Brazill.ian tour groups are there and I'm pretty sure that every teenager that lives in Brazil was in one of those tour groups. It probably wouldn't have been quite as bad, except that they are totally rude to the point that they would literally push Chase and Mads if one of them happened to be in the way. I hate to say it, but we lost it on more than one occasion with these teens and their only response was, "no speak English." Not something to do/say around a pregnant woman and her child (niece). Anyway, on to better things.

I was actually quite shocked when Duchess to the kids on Splash Mountain as their final ride and they both loved it. I figured for sure my niece would be terrified because she is not a big fan of thrill rides/scary stuff, but apparently if you throw her over a waterfall she is quite happy. ;o) Chase just loves to ride and is all about roller coasters. I should have known he'd love it.

Really there wasn't anything that Chase didn't like, although he did respond to Snow White's Scary Adventure by saying, "That wasn't so bad, but we are NEVER riding it again!" That was probably as close to scared as he came.

We had a total of 5 character meals (we cancelled one last minute because we were just too exhausted), attended the Polynesian Luau, and visited every park at least once (Magic Kingdom three times and Hollywood Studios twice). I can truly say we made the most of our vacation. I won't go into all the boring details right now, but I will leave you with some pics because let's face it, that's what everyone really wants anyway!!!

Daddy about to take Chase and Mads for a swim!
Aren't they cute?

Do you see a skull in this picture? We did, very creepy!

Chase and his fave, Mickey!

Mads and Stitch

Chase and Daddy posing for a pic for Aunt Candy, she loves Andy!

Can't you just hear the Star Wars theme now??

Such a multi-tasker, taking phone calls and waiting in line (looks so grown here)

Ready to ride Toy Story Mania!!!! Mommy's fave!

Chase and Pluto at Chef Mickey's

Mads and Minnie

Donald posing w/the kids

Pure Trouble!

I thought they'd be scared, they weren't! Shows what I know!A rare family pic taken at the Luau
Duchess and Mads at the Luau

Chase and Cinderella, he was head over heels!

Snow White's new Prince, she even left him w/her kiss

Duchess' fave!

I had to take this because "heart" OshKosh, so MouseKosh must be the next best thing
We didn't get to ride this last time, loved it!

Chase's 2nd fave!

Love the castle in the front!

Spectromagic Parade at Magic Kingdom
We have so many more pictures including all the ones that are on the photopass (taken by Disney). I'm not sure if I can get those now or if I have to wait for the CD. As you can tell I'm usually behind the camera, but there are plenty of me on the CD from Disney, so check back soon!

***I am grateful for
1) home sweet home!
2) a non-eventful appointment today (details to come tomorrow)
3) summer break isn't over yet!
4) three months from today is my due date, grow Emery, grow!
5) rain, maybe we'll actually get some????!?


The Patterson's said...

Looks like you had a GREAT time!!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Awesome pics - looks like ya'll had a wonderful and fun time together!
Hugs and prayers,