Thursday, July 9, 2009

Disney World here we come!!!

The countdown is on for our big Disney World vacation!!! This time tomorrow we'll hopefully be at the airport and waiting for our flight. Chase is beside himself with excitement and is telling anyone and everyone that will listen about it. We are pretty excited too! :o) We are 85% of the way packed and have a few odds and ends to tie up before we're officially ready to go, but nothing major. I'm sure we'll forget something, but isn't that usually how it happens?

I was talking to Chase earlier about why he was afraid of the frog at The Rain.forest Cafe and not afraid of Mickey and the rest of the gang at Disney and he said because he LIKED them. Guess that's good, I had worried he'd developed a new fear but I guess all will be well!

Have I mentioned that we are totally excited???? Wish us good weather, Jeff is not fond of flying to say the least so that will be the hardest part (especially if it's raining there like it's supposed to be)!

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday, we certainly are!!!!

***I am grateful for
1) vacation, wooohoooo!
2) Mickey and the Gang, they totally rock
3) packing is almost done
4) laundry IS done
5) the rain we got this week


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

have a wonderful, safe trip! cant wait to hear allll about it!

Stacy E. said...

You're WAY ahead of me! I haven't even done laundry for my beach trip! With all this stuff we're doing for my brother's wedding this weekend, I don't even know when I'll pack. ;-)

Michelle said...

I am jealous! I hope you all have a wonderful time. I know you will!

The Patterson's said...

Have a great trip!!!

Myrannda said...

Have fun, and I wish I could be there so we could celebrate our birthdays together!

Happy Early Birthday, and be safe!!!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Have a great trip!!!
Hugs and prayers,