Monday, June 1, 2009

Maybe a baby sister isn't gonna be so bad after all.

Chase is slowly coming around to the idea that perhaps a baby sister won't be as bad as he originally thought. So far he will call her by name (for a while he would only call her Alice), he picked out a pink dress and a BB for her, he wants to get her a hat, he says we "have" to take her on vacation with us, and she's even allowed to have her own room now.... as long as it's NOT the playroom/Duchess' room. I definitely think all of those things count as progress. Plus he said he would still help change diapers and feed her, score! I really think this is gonna work out after all, actually I never had any doubt!! ;o)

***I am grateful for
1) Chase is starting to like the idea of a baby sister more and more
2) being so blessed, a healthy boy AND a healthy girl!
3) Monday is over (I'm totally NOT a Monday person!)
4) a delicious dinner, including one of the best watermelons every!!!
5) 2 1/2 days of school w/kids left!!


Michelle said...

Congrats on having a baby girl! That is great news! I am sure Chase will be a GREAT big brother!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Chase will be an awesome big brother :)
Hope I didn't miss it, but do you have a name picked out for your baby girl yet?