Friday, June 26, 2009

23 1/2 weeks OB appointment!

Everything checked out well at the OB today and belly is measuring right on track and looking good. My bp was a little high, but I take it daily at home and it's been fine here. My OB was not concerned, so neither am I. Perhaps it's a little white coat syndrome!

They listened to Emery and as usual she felt the need to move away from the doppler. She is already a little stinker. I know we listen to her daily at home, but that sound never gets old! We got the all clear for Disney in TWO weeks and I don't go back until July 21st and will do my GD testing... fun times!

I have apparently developed a lovely "pregnancy rash" on my tummy (doesn't itch now, but it did) and am getting a chest cold, so he wrote out an antibiotic and a RX for a rash cream. I'm also supposed to start on Zyrtec for allergies, I think he's a tad worried about the whole chest thing while traveling.

We have also scheduled the 3D ultrasound, although this time we are not doing it with the OB like we did for Chase. We are actually going to a place in Houston and I can't wait. The big day is Saturday, August 1st. I could have gone in earlier but figured she'd be a little chunkier then which would give us better pics!

For a funny, Chase made this comment on the way down, "I sure hope they don't say it's a girl again!" Now he is totally OK w/having a baby sister now, but apparently he really dislikes those words!

Jeff is off to pick up Emery's furniture as we speak, I can't wait to see it all set up! Hope everyone is having a fantastic Friday, we are going to play some wii and try not to bake in this hot weather (the Tahoe read 107 on the way home, how crazy is that????)!

***I am grateful for
1) an uneventful appointment!
2) 23 1/2 weeks (ok, not quite a half, but close enough)
3) two weeks until Disney, that will go soooo fast!
4) Fridays, love 'em!
5) Emery's furniture is in!!!!


Michelle said...

LOL Chase is too cute! I am glad everything went well. 3D ultrasounds are so cool. That will be very exciting!

Chelle said...

I'm glad everything is going good.

Sorry about the rash... Sucky.

YAY for furniture! Can't wait to see pics! :)