Monday, June 22, 2009

Belly Pics - 22w5d

I think pregnant bellies are adorable, but I'm not big on taking pics of my own because lets face it - I am NOT one of those tiny cute pregnant gals! However, for Emery's sake of seeing what her Mommy looked like when she was nestled in my tummy I will take them and show them to the world (cause surely the world reads this blog)! Ha! I'm never really sure what to do w/my hands though...

Molly and Chase getting in on the shot!

22w5d w/Emery on left, 22w w/Chase on the right

***I am grateful for
1) less than three weeks until Disney World!
2) Chase's dentist said that, "Chase's teeth are perfect!" at his appt today
3) 5 years ago yesterday we had the transfer that gave us Chase!
4) almost 23 weeks
5) summer time


Stacy E. said...


You looked beautiful! :-) Can't wait for Emery Faith to get here!!


The Pod said...

To quote Steven from loooong ago
"yup baby in dare"! Kahla you look adorable and you put your hands just where you were supposed to...Now its just Molly that we have to work on the posing...she has got to control that shunting jaw! haha....
Love ya!

Mommy Daisy said...

You're looking great! And it's great that you're taking photos. I don't have enough from my pregnancy, and sometimes I wish we'd taken more.

InfertileMadWoman said...

Awww you are to cute!!!


Joy said...

You are, too, cute!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Great pics, Kahla! You look great!!
Have a wonderful week.