Monday, June 15, 2009

Gonna have to make some changes

I have only a few blogs listed on the side that I read, but I actually read a ton. I like the follower tool because it tells me who's posted and I can jump over and read. So if I follow you then I'm going to take your blog off the side that way I can add the blogs that I can't follow because they don't have that option... did that make any sense????

***I am grateful for
1) snickers - I think I may have an addiction as of late
2) watermelon - see above note about snickers
3) Beach trip is coming up!
4) 4th of July Beach Trip is coming up!
5) Chase is feeling better!


Amanda Hoyt said...

Hi Kahla,
Email me where ya'll are going for your July 4th beach trip. We're also going to the beach for July 4th. Wonder if we're going to the same location :)