Friday, May 15, 2009

Yeah for Pumpkin!

Today we got our AFP screening results back. You know, the ones that were just drawn on Tuesday and were supposed to take 7-10 days. AFP screening tests for spina bifida, Downs, and Trisonomy 21. I almost didn't do them because they have such a high number of false positives, but Jeff wanted them done because if we were to have a positive we could decline the amnio, prepare for what could be, pray for the best outcome, and then be thankful for what we were given. I agreed that being prepared would be nice so we went ahead and did them. Turns out 7-10 days was not the case because I received the call this morning that all our screenings came back negative! Can I get a woot-woot and a yeah for Pumpkin!?!?!!!?! I'm so thankful we got good news, truly blessed. Definitely a good way to start the weekend!

Also, thanks for all the sweet comments on my last post - ya'll rock! Have a fantastic weekend!

**I am grateful for
1) Friday, Friday, Friday!!!
2) weekends, I "heart" weekend!
3) awesome screening results!
4) tivo - love it
5) food, what can I say, I'm hungry!


Michelle said...

YAY that is great news!

bb said...

Hi Kahla! That is awesome, great news!

Jocelyn said...

Glad to hear your pregnancy is going well!