Monday, May 25, 2009

These are the days.

Sometimes when it's actually quiet in the house, meaning when everyone else is asleep and I'm laying awake in bed, I think of just how lucky I really am. Yes times are tough in the economy, paycuts are nearly killing us, bills always seem to add up to more money than what's coming in, and some days I just want to scream, but all-in-all, life is good. I have a great husband, an awesome little boy, a nice house, a wonderful family, a long awaited miracle on the way... yep a pretty good life. These are the days and times I want to remember forever.

Last weekend my brother and Jeff worked on the deck and finished the entire flooring! Very impressive. I don't have a finished pic of it, but I do have some pics of the kids planting tomatoes that shows the work in progress. OK, so maybe it doesn't show much of the deck, but the kids are sure cute!

This weekend has proved just as fun! Saturday Chase, Duchess, Daddy and I all went to Galveston for the day. We haven't been since Ike hit and thought it looked way better than we thought it would! Chase played on the beach, even though the water was freezing, and found lots of shells. I think he could spend hours doing that! Then we had a nice lunch (Chase enjoyed the dessert best if you can't tell) before taking a ride on the ferry and heading home.

One Cool Dude!

Running on the beach - did I mention the water was cold???

Finding seashells - obviously I need to flip this one!

Cruise ship was in port - it actually left while we were on the ferry and passed by us!

Good food!

Even better dessert!

The Elissa is moored (is that right?) by the Fisherman's Wharf where we ate!

Duchess, Chase, and Mommy on the ferry.

Feeding the seagulls w/Daddy, this one ate right from his hand!
We had a great time and a full day! I think it took all of two minutes for Chase to fall asleep Saturday night once his head hit the pillow!

Today Duchess and Uncle Will are heading up and Aunt Stacy is coming over so we can bar-b-que and play! Happy Memorial Day to all and thank you to all our troops for all you do!

***I am grateful for
1) the deck, lovin' it!
2) time spent w/family
3) a good life
4) a great day at the beach
5) Memorial Day


Anonymous said...

Gosh, that is one good looking little boy you have in those pictures! That little girl sure is pretty too (I hear she looks just like her mother-must be one BEAUTIFUL lady!)