Monday, May 18, 2009

HaPpY BiRtHdAy Uncle Will!!!

Happy Birthday to Uncle Will!!! We won't reveal how old he is today but we'll give you a hint: he's older than 34 and younger than 36! ;o) Thanks for all your help with our deck and we hope you have an awesome birthday!

So, check out this cute shirt Chase will be receiving on the 29th to wear to the *big* ultrasound! I found it at and Chase loved it. There were actually so many that I couldn't decide so Chase did it for me. Definitely a great site!

I can't wait for the big day to get here and neither can Chase. He talks to the baby every day and it is adorable. When we told him we would get to see the baby on a TV he was all smiles!!! It seems like we waited so long for this!

***I am grateful for
1) our awesome deck, thanks Duchess, Uncle Will and Daddy!!!
2) my awesome Scen.tsy burner that a Mommy gave to me, plugged it in a soon as we got home and I'm lovin' it (cinnamon... yum!)
3) Watermelon, I LOVE watermelon. saw a smashed one on the side of the road (those poor people) and talked Jeff into picking one up. OMG, heaven!
4) 12 more days of school (minus a day because I am off on the 29th!)
5) 11 more days until the big ultrasound!!!


Blog Stalker said...

Congrats on the deck and Happy birthday to Uncle Will. 35 is still young!

Great shirt for the Ultra sound...How exciting. almost miss all those things....almost!

Have a great day!

The Carty Party Mom said...

Congrats on the deck. We've been wanting one for a while too now but just keep putting it off. Can't wait till the big day, doesn't really matter what it is now, just happy you are expecting. So happy to hear you love your Scentsy warmer. It's the least I could do, you've been wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Such a happy, happy, happy time!!! So glad for your great AFP results, your upcoming trip, your adorable big brother to be, AND your big ultrasound being just a week from Friday!!!!!!!!!!

You HAVE waited so long for this-- so happy for you!


Michelle said...

Aww what a cute shirt! Happy Birthday to your uncle!