Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tumble Time

Sometimes we just need a little release of all that energy at the end of the day. By "we," I mean Chase. Good Lord that boy has energy. If I had half of it, I'd be a size zero! We do the water babies (although we are skipping this session) and we've done the music class, so now we have started tumbling. We figured Chase is now old enough and what better way to get exercise (and by exercise, I really mean wear him out)! Plus he REALLY likes to run around and it's sooooo much funner to do it there at the bargain price of $55/month as opposed to at home where it's free! Here is a typical tumble class w/pictures for your enjoyment.

First we stretch:

Then we do our obstacle course, that includes a climb over:

A balance beam (with a little help):

A crawl through:

Then the awesome sponge pit:

Next it's trampoline time! How cool are these? They are in-ground and totally padded:

And last, I nice drink of water (or a face full of water and then a drink):

We think tumbling rocks!