Monday, September 10, 2007

Diggin' for Dinos - Don't Mess With Momma

This past weekend we decided to head on down to the mall and meet some friends that we hadn't seen in a while. Usually our big event of the day is riding the carousal, but at the time the Museum of Natural Science currently has a dinosaur digging area set up and we thought it would be fun to try out (not to mention free for my little one, so how do you beat that?!?!).

There are two versions to our dig. The short version (happy Mommy) and the long version (very NOT happy Mommy). Here is the short:

Chase loved playing in the dig pit! Here are some pics of the cutest anthropologist ever!

Long Version:

All started well and the young lady told us the rules as to what was and wasn't acceptable. Pretty common knowledge for most of us, but hey, they pay her to talk so we listened. Chase quickly decided that he didn't like the *sand* (rubber and carpet fibers) on his feet and preferred to dig with his crocs on and was happily playing. My friend and I stood close by while her two older kids played in another pit to keep an eye on Chase. He would play for a few minutes and then sit to empty his shoes, it was quite entertaining. About 10 min. into playtime an older lady, that I swear was on 'roids of some sort, began buzzing in and out of the children and grabbing the buckets and shovels the minute they set them down and putting them up. Before I knew it she was stooped over my Little Doodlebug trying to make him take his shoes off because then he wouldn't have to empty them. As I explained to her he did not want his shoes off, she gave me the *shoosh* finger and continued to tug on his little crocs until he started to cry. She then grabbed his bucket and shovel and put it up, which just upset him even more, strike #1. I grabbed a bucket and shovel and consoled my little one and he was off to play again. I swear not two minutes later she was back over him complaining that we were not watching him and that he was dumping stuff on the ground. WTF? He's two, he's in a dig pit, and he's playing. It's gonna get on the ground. Not to mention there were two of us standing next to him and his father was right on the other side of the fence. Strike #2 lady. 10 seconds later I look down and she has grabbed Chase's hand and is brushing a piece of *dirt/rubber* out of it while saying, "no, no, no, that stays in here." I'm pretty sure at this point I had steam coming out of my ears. Strike #3 honey, you're out!

I grabbed Doodlebug, explained VERY loudly that we had to leave because Mommy's patience had just ran out and headed straight to the manager. If I had paid to get in, I guarantee I'd have gotten a refund! The manager was very apologetic and said that whenever they were busy that "V" got stressed. Well then WTH is she doing around kids?!?!? Ugh! Needless to say we had thought about having our first grade trip at the museum, definitely won't happen now. The manager did go talk to her, but I'm still fuming over it. I have a right, don't I? **edited to add that I decided to email the next up in line, I'm still steaming and it's been three days!**


Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

LAME. I would have TOTALLY said something to "V" directly. It would have gone something like "If you touch my son, we're going to have a two hit fight. I hit you and you hit the floor. Back off BYOTCH!"

The nerve of some people...!!!

HollyP said...

Yikes! Good for you for sticking up to that lady! Chase is getting so big, I can't stand it - where did our babies go???