Saturday, November 3, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers (on Saturday morning)

~ I've decided that I'm spending entirely too much time at work.  I don't know if it's just being back in a first and at a new school, or if it's all the new stuff the district has thrown at us this year, or what.  But 60 hours a week is way too much and I'm going to find a way to do something about it.
~ Chase has had all A/Bs this year on report cards and progress reports.  Wasn't sure if I have posted about that (probably not since I've barely been posting), but I wanted to make sure it was on here so I knew down the road.
~ Emery had her three year check up Thursday.  31.6 pounds and 36 inches = perfect!  However, her right here is STILL infected so we are back to the ENT on Monday and the tube has to come out.  :o(  This has been going on since July 14th.  For her sake and my sanity, I want it fixed now!
~ Chase has been rocking it on the ball field.  Out of his last 5 bats, he he's had 4 base hits and has scored twice.  So proud of him.  He is really getting in to it now.  Makes me happy because I want this to be his sport (I'm selfish and this is the one I like to watch)!
~ We have got a full calendar.  Birthday party this afternoon, Disney on Ice and a birthday party next week, bay fishing trip the weekend after that, Thanksgiving week after that, pageant first weekend of December and then that leave us one weekend to get ready for Disney before we head out!  Yikes, time is flying!

****I am grateful for
1) electricity is getting restored to those without after the hurricane
2) cooler weather is headed our way
3) getting to see family and friends this afternoon
4) sleeping in (this was a first in a long time)
5) those every-once-in-a-while days when we are rushing around like mad people