Saturday, October 20, 2012

Princess Emery's 3rd Birthday Party

Well, for some reason I can't add text at the top of the pictures, so I'll just have to add it down here.  Today we partied it up for Princess Emery's 3rd birthday.  I still can't believe she is three.  The years are going to fast!  This was the first year that she really "got" the whole birthday thing.  She knew this was her day and was all about it.  It was awesome!

My grandma went above and beyond in the whole cake decorating department.  Emery and I searched for months for a princess cake that she liked and she never went crazy over anything.  Then I thought, why not just make a few princesses.  Well, my Nana made SEVEN of them.  Yes, SEVEN!  And they were all absolutely beautiful!  The only bad part was that when Emery realized we were cutting and eating her cakes, she was devastated to the point of tears.

We had so many wonderful friends and family celebrate with us and I am so thankful for each and every one of them.  So thankful that there are so many people who love my little princess.  We are some blessed folks!

****I am grateful for
1) 3 wonderful years
2) a great birthday party
3) so many smiles
4) wonderful family and friends
5) an awesome Nana!!


Elle said...

The cakes are incredible! It makes me giggle that she was so upset about cutting into them because I could see my Little Bean doing the same thing.

Happy belated birthday Emery!