Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We are busy little bees.

I can't believe that it's already October, time is flying by.  In fact, we're already at our sixth week of school.  Seems like yesterday we were savoring our last days of summer.

October always marks my favorite time of year.  It's starts cooling off outside, there are holidays for three months straight, decorations start going up, leaves change colors (well, the few that do).  It also means that my sweet baby girl is about to turn one year older.  In just 10 short days, she'll be three.  I can't believe that it's been three whole years since we welcomed her into her lives.  Chase is playing Fall ball, so between that and dance, we are on the go most days.  He is doing really well and has really started enjoying it.  I love watching him play, it's pretty much adorable (one day he'll totally roll his eyes at me for saying that).

For the first weekend in a while, we don't really have anything planned.  So, I'm hoping to get the Halloween decorations up, birthday party shopping done, and maybe just relax and hang out with the kids.  I have so many things to post about, but I'll be the first to say that most days I'm just beat by the time we get the kids in bed and want nothing more than to sleep.  So, those things will just have to wait until another day.

Hope everyone else is doing well!

****I am grateful for
1) October
2) cooler weather
3) we got some much needed rain last weekend
4) less than 75 days until Disney World
5) tomorrow is hump day!


Elle said...

Wasn't this weekend delicious? It didn't get above the mid-50s all weekend. Its been so blissful.

I can completely relate to having loads to blog about, but not having the energy to do it at the end of the day. I sit and compose blog posts in my head all day long, but by the end of the day, I just don't have the energy to actually write.

I can't wait to see the birthday pics of Emery!

BTW, we're most likely heading down that way for TG again this year. Do you want to meet up again? :)