Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Officially a 2nd Grader!

On the left is Chase on his first day of first grade, on the right is Chase on the last day of first grade. Notice the HUGE smile and thumbs up?!?! Where has the time gone and how did my baby get so big, so fast????? I am so very proud of him. Despite having a pretty tough year due to some issues that caused his class to be without their teachers (he had an English teacher and a Spanish teacher) for 6 and 8 weeks, he still rocked this first grade. He ended above level in reading and got 5 awards: A/B Honor Roll (for the entire year), Citizenship (for great conduct), Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Art Award, Music Award, and a PE Award. Now how awesome is he??? Just totally impressed with this little guy. I've always said that he is destined for great things and this is just another confirmation of that.

On a different note, we did make the difficult decision to remove him from the dual language and put him into a regular classroom next year. After the "incident" where his class was without teachers, we just didn't feel it was handled appropriately and that the class suffered greatly. So, long story short, he will no longer be in the program. It's always so tough teaching at the school where your child is because you see so much more than the average parent. Not saying you see bad stuff, you just see what's going on every day. I'm not worried one bit about him going into the regular classroom and he'll just learn Spanish later on down the road.

We are already enjoying our summer and staying quite busy. We've hit up Chuck.E.Cheese's, cleaned a lot (of course there's still a lot to go), and played in the little pool out front a couple of times. Oh, and we've watched LOTS of Disney movies. Good times, baby, good times!!!!

To close, here's a picture of my and my favorite little dude on our last day. Have I mentioned how much I love this guy?

****I am grateful for
1) summer vacation
2) the rain that we just might get!
3) the smell of fresh cut grass
4) watermelon
5) a cleaned off table (if only it would stay that way)


Elle said...

Yay Chase!!! One grade down... and lots more to go. (Thank heaven, right mom?)

I dread when Little Bean starts school because I am afraid it will make time speed by even faster. *sob*

Hooray for summer break. LUCKY!!! Take an extra nap every day for me please. I chose to be a schmoe who works a 40-hour week all year round. *sigh* lol

Stay cool this summer, I think we're in for another brutally hot one!