Friday, June 29, 2012

Job Changes... or better yet, JOB CHANGES!!!

So I haven't really posted much about my job lately since this is a public blog and any old person could happen to "stumble" upon it and read what I've said (if you know what I mean). Not that I don't have stuff to say because trust me, I have a got a LOT to say! ;o) Long story short, this school year sucked. In fact, it was the worst out of the 10 I've been teaching. We have pulled Chase out of dual language (8 weeks without a teacher did not show us support for that program so thanks, but no thanks) and had seriously been debating on what our future held. Do I ask for a transfer to a new school? Do I stay with the district I've been with for the last 10 years and is the only one I know? Do I try to go elsewhere? Do I leave teaching all together? I have lost way too much sleep over this and was stressed to the max. All I did know, was that I could not handle another year like this last one. I was literally wishing our lives away because I was living for the weekends. I don't want that for me or my family!

Turns out there was no need to worry as somebody up there already had it all worked out for me! Last week I was transferred to a different campus (and it's the only other one I've taught at in the district) and moved DOWN to 1st grade (sweet)!!! I can not tell you how relieved I am. I absolutely LOVE my new principal and am so looking forward to a year that I will actually enjoy my job again. Chase is a little nervous about a new school and new friends, but I know that he is going to be just fine! Thank you LORD for watching over us and reminding me that I truly am blessed!! (And if this tells you anything about the campus I'm leaving, I was person #16 to leave this year for one reason or another, so very, very sad.)

****I am grateful for
1) blessings from above
2) a year to look forward to!
3) a friendly, positive principal (thank you Lord!)
4) 1st grade... finally back where I belong
5) smiling when I think about the things to come


Elle said...

Woohoo!!! That's awesome news. I am so glad that you are going to be heading into a great school year, and that everything worked out.