Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I'm alive, just drowning in end of the school year stuff...

I absolutely LOVE the end of the school year because it means that summer is coming, however, every year I'm drowning in work and feel like I'm putting in enough over time to last a lifetime! On top of this, we've had some sick kiddos in the house. Chase was out of school three days last week with a nasty stomach virus and this was after going to the Dr. Monday with another double ear infection. Poor guy! Luckily he is feeling much better now. However, Emery spiked a fever today and felt so bad this evening that she asked to get in her bed. Now that is a sign of a sick baby! Only a week and a half until summer break and surely things will slow down then (ha)!

****I am grateful for
1) meds that break fevers
2) blankets and kitties that comfort my sick Princess
3) my favorite little guy is feeling better!
4) a few minutes in the evening to just sit and relax (if I don't fall asleep from exhaustion)
5) only 6 days of school until summer w/my babies!


Elle said...

Woohoo for the end of the school year! I wish I had summer vacations. Sorry to hear that the kiddos were sick. Its always so hard when they don't feel well. I hope they are back to 100% soon.

Love ya girl!