Monday, January 30, 2012

Playing catch(up)

~ Chase rocked his rodeo art for the Houston Live.stock Show and Rodeo again this year and earned a 2nd place ribbon (I think he should have gotten first, but I know I'm biased). Here's his picture before it was matted... love it!!! Very proud of our little guy!

~ Jeff's grandpa is holding steady, not really better, maybe a little worse? He has moments where is is lucid and then moments where he is somewhere else, but his memories are good ones and for the most part he is content I think.

~ Work is still... well, work. Trying to make some decisions in regards to what direction I should take. Will think about it later, too stressful.

~ Emery had an accident at my grandma's last Wednesday. They were baking a cake and dinner was cooking on the stove. I'm sure you can see where this is going. Nana put the cake in the oven and as she reached for Emery, Emery reached for her by trying to push off the counter. As she did that, her itty, bitty hand went right on top of a burner that was on. :o( Fortunately my grandmother grabbed her quickly and it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Since we knew it was 2nd degree burns on her index finger and middle finger, we we ahead and took her to urgent care to be safe. They attempted to wrap it, which was not pretty, and in the end we just let her carry a bag of Son.ic ice around for the evening before rewrapping it (with Princess bandaids of course) right before bed. By morning, she was feeling much better and has actually done really well all things considering. Her index finger is by far the worse and both of those blisters have now popped and have good skin underneath. Hopefully scarring will be minimal and we've been stretching her fingers to make sure it doesn't heal too tight. I will say that her cry is one I've never heard from either of my children and it made me sick to my stomach. It was the worst cry I've ever heard and I wanted nothing more than to be the one suffering and not her. Ugh, don't ever want to go through that again, it just broke my heart for her!

~ We haven't done any pageants this year, but have a couple coming up. Actually, we did do an online one through one of the systems we've competed in a couple of times and Emery swept their winter one taking Overall Grand Supreme and then won the sweetheart one as well. I think we may have two in February and then a Crown for the Cure one in March. I'm excited about the one in March because it's Cancer Awareness and we will be fundraising. Want to donate? Send me a note, it can be done through paypal (wink wink)! Our goal is to raise $250, I think we can do it!

~ Chase lost another tooth on Monday, that makes tooth number 8! This boy is gonna make the Tooth Fairy go broke!!! ;o)

~ Chase got his 3rd report card and had all A's, except a 86 in English. We crack up that he has an A in Spanish and a B in English. What's wrong with that picture!?!?!

~ Friday we have a family photo shoot for a book that is being written on families that have taken on IF and kicked it's butt! We were one of the 10 families chosen to be featured! Very excited, but no clue what everyone is wearing yet. Guess I should get that figured out!!!

Guess that's about it. I really need to get to blogging more, but just haven't managed to get myself to do it. I'd say maybe things would slow down, but baseball season is about to hit and once that happens, life just goes into overdrive!

****I am grateful for
1) family photo shoots, hope we get some good ones!
2) great report cards (but really, a kid that works hard, regardless of the grades0
3) burns that are not as bad as they could have been and are healing well
4) another Monday over!
5) rainbows


Elle said...

Good going Chase! That's awesome.

Poor Emery. I know the cry you are talking about. Baby Bean burned her hand on a cookie sheet a couple weeks ago. It sucks as a mother because there is no way you can tell them how to make it feel better and have them actually follow through at this age.

Chase is in the tooth losing phase huh? I bet he enjoys the rewards for putting his teeth under his pillow.

So exciting for Emery's pageants coming up. I hope she does really well this year too!