Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Please excuse the Disney Memories interruption.

Not only did we come home with lots of wonderful memories and pictures from our Disney trip, we also came home with a VERY nasty virus. Well, Emery and I did. Long story short, the day before we came home Emery started having some mega nasty diapers. I'm talking the kind you need to wear a gas mask just to take their pants off before changing the actual diaper. And not just one a day, more like 6, 7, 10 of these diapers a day. We knew it was a virus because 1) you just know and 2) I caught it the following day. Fortunately she was only miserable when she was tired or it was time to change the diaper because she quickly got a rash despite our best efforts. That meant that for the most part she was still our happy little princess.

On Sunday she began with the green snot which made us worry that perhaps it was a virus and an infection. Monday I took her to the doctor where they confirmed there was something going around everywhere, it was viral, it caused a green snotty nose/possible spots on her belly, and yes, she had it. We were told to give it another week (which would have been yesterday) and to bring her back if there were still issues and they would put her on an antibiotic.

So to recap, Wednesday Emery comes down with virus, Thursday I come down with virus/we fly home, Sunday add in green/snotty nose, and Monday doctor confirms. So we go all last week with the two of us fighting this virus. Thursday she starts developing green goop in her eyes and I start thinking she probably has a sinus infection too at this point. I consult Dr. Google who says a little is normal with fighting a virus, so I decide to wait it out until Monday. On Friday evening we notice blood/puss draining from her ear and I know that we aren't going to make it to Monday.

Fortunately our pedi always has one of the satellite clinics open on Saturday mornings, so we called the answering service to find which one it was and I was there 10 minutes after they opened Saturday morning. Dr. confirmed that she does have a sinus infection and while her left ear looked great, her right ear was draining like crazy. One round of antibiotics ordered and ear drops. Have I mentioned she is not the awesome medicine taker that her brother is?

You'll probably think I'm making this next part up, but Saturday evening Chase started complaining that his ear hurt. He's not really a complainer so I figured we'd better play it safe and run by Urgent Care. Double Ear Infection. Blech! Apparently a pretty bad one at that. That kid has got one high pain tolerance!

Anyway, 13 days after Emery came down with the virus it looks like she is finally kicking it. I too am on the mend. :o) Chase said he was feeling better within hours of his first dose of meds, so I'm thinking maybe our house is on it's way to be healthy again?!?!??!

As for the Disney pictures, I'll get back to posting those tomorrow (or the next day, we all know I'm a slacker).

****I am grateful for
1) Saturday hours with the pedi
2) summer vacation
3) extra time with my kiddos
4) being on the mend
5) Sonic ice (if you have a Sonic near you, you know what I mean)


Patterson Family said...

Boo! Hope everyone is feeling better asap!

Stacy E. said...

Thank goodness everyone finally got better! That was some nasty virus!