Monday, June 20, 2011

Disney World Day 1 - Magic Kingdom and Meeting the Mouse for the 1st time

If you look out the window, you can see how you know you are close to Disney World. This is the only one we've ever seen, but perhaps there are more somewhere. It's amazing all the "hidden" Mickeys you find in this area!

The Disney World gates, it's like entering into a new world.
When we arrived at our hotel, all the computers were down because they had brought on the new Hawaiian hotel the night before and it had caused some unexpected issues. Since computers were down, they had no way to give us our room keys or check us in. We hadn't planned on visiting the parks that day and did not have park tickets to use. So, they handed us six one day passes (my cousin was with us), told us to go enjoy the parks for a while on them, and then come
back later to check in. We did just that and headed straight to Magic Kingdom. Right from the start we knew we wanted to go meet Minnie and Mickey. They had a 30 minute wait, but to be honest, that is nothing at Disney World! The minute Emery spotted them she was in awww. This was the only time she was even the slightest bit hesitant, I think she just couldn't believe they were real! Sorry for the crummy quality, the camera card is upstairs and I'm too lazy to go get it (in my defense, the Princess and I both got a lovely virus at the end of the trip and I'm feeling icky) so these are from the phone. I'll post the good ones later!

When you leave Minnie and Mickey's meeting room you naturally find yourself right smack dab in the middle of a store. How convienent. Even though Chase already had three pairs of ears and the magician's hat with ears and Emery had a set of ears, we couldn't resist picking up another pair. Besides, Emery's first pair are the infant size, she liked the big girl ones! I would say if you are going to Disney and looking for good souveniers, these are worth the money. They are about 20ish and then only 3 more to get your name embroidered on them. Totally worth it.

Plus they literally have 100s of styles to choose from! Even Duchess was fair game with the ears (hope she doesn't kill me for posting this). She only borrowed Emery's long enough to amuse me and make Emery laugh!

Good times baby, good times! I don't think you can really tell, but the background of Duchess' picture is The Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I think it is one of Chase's favorites! It's also nice because the line moves fast and you are in the air conditioning as you wait! Two more pluses!

We went ahead a rode a few rides and then headed back to the hotel. Unfortunately we still has some issues with the hotel (one of the rooms wreaked of smoke, our porta-crib was not delivered until after Emery fell asleep, and it took another 48 hours to get our mini-fridge delivered), but eventually we managed to get all settled in for the night. Our Disney trip was under way!

Next up: Disney World Day 2 - Animal Kingdom

****I am grateful for
1) problems that work themselves out
2) the chance of rain this week, we so need it
3) my little cuddle bug and my big cuddle bug
4) a delicious dinner
5) fans at night, for the cool air and the noise