Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Disney World Day 2 - Animal Kingdom and a song fit for a Princess

We got up not so bright and early (ha!) on Wednesday, grabbed some breakfast and headed on over to Animal Kingdom. We had originally planned on going to Magic Kingdom (hence our pirate shirts) but if you're going to be flexible anywhere, it needs to be at Disney!

I was trying to get all three in their matching shirts, but Emery was not in a picture mood. Chase and Madison were more than happy to oblige though. Can you believe that Mads is only one week shy of being three months older than Chase. She is going to be TALL!

Finally Emery agreed to a picture if they big kids would sit beside her.
When I booked this trip months and months ago they big kids said they would walk this time so we didn't have to get a stroller. I should have gotten it on video because within minutes of getting there, we had a stroller. We attempted to have Emery sit in the stroller and then let the big kids rotate. In the end the big kids took over the stroller and Emery sat on top. I think I have a picture of that later. Hey, it worked!

I love that the characters are always in their role. Of course everyone fell in love with Emery, how could they resist? I think she thought she was in her own personal episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!
We were going on the safari ride and had a few minutes to kill, so we let the kids get inked. Let me just say that this will be the only ink they are ever allowed to get! Emery LOVED her Minnie and was so sad when it had to come off.

Chase likes all things pirate right now.

One of the Disney Castmembers was walking around entertaining and making up songs. He made a personalized princess song for our little princess. Loved it! Sorry the footage is not so hard, it's hard to hold a princess and try to record a song. The song makes up for the view!

Next up: Disney World Day 2 - Dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table in The Castle

****I am grateful for
1) getting off my feet
2) central air, it is soooo hot in Texas already
3) technology
4) laughing until you cry
5) good hair days (not that I had one, just saying I'm grateful for when they do happen)


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

LOVE these Disney posts. Except it makes my Mickey fever even worse! Im glad you had an amazing vacation!!

Chelle said...

I bet you took a million pictures during your trip. You are so awesome. I would take my camera and forget to use it, cause I rock like that.

Too funny about the stroller. Poor Emery, having to ride on top. lol