Thursday, May 19, 2011

Princess can rock the Mouse Ears!

When we went to Disney World last time I was seven months pregnant with Emery. Chase swears that was her first trip and there are pink Minnnie ears with her name on them to prove it! These have been on a shelf in her room since she arrived on this Earth but here recently she discovered them since she has become obsessed (total understatement) with Minnie. I finally took them down for her to put on and look in the mirror the other day. She was so excited that we had to come downstairs to show daddy. This little princess can rock the mouse ears!

****I am grateful for
1) videos on the iphone... keeps above Princess entertained during desperate times!
2) that adorable smile
3) butterflies, there have been so many lately
4) lightning bugs
5) country living where you can actually see lightning bugs


Chelle said...

She is so cute! I bet she can't wait to be able to wear them all day at Disney. :)