Sunday, May 15, 2011

Getting ready for Disney World!

Our trip to Disney World to celebrate Chase's and my niece's graduation is quickly approaching. I believe we have 23 days left until we check in, but only 21 until we fly out. I wanted to do matching shirts for the kids, but the prices were just crazy! Then I found Miss. Morgan's on Etsy and the problem was solved. I ordered 6 appliques and found white shirts to put them on. The appliques came in pieces and you just iron one layer on at a time. The more you do, the easier they get. They turned out adorable and were about half the cost of what custom shirts cost, including the white t-shirts to put them on. Here are the six I got, but I'm seriously thinking of ordering more. You should go check her out!

We are going to rock Disney!

****I am grateful for
1) weekends
2) birthday, my grandfather turned 88 yesterday!
3) beautiful weather (we could use some rain though)
4) Disney is coming fast!
5) 13 days of school left (well 14 counting the teachers' last day)!


Chelle said...

Those are so stinking cute! I love it! Your kids are going to be adorable in them. I can see why you would want to do more. I totally would too.

Disney watch out, cause here comes fun!

Chelle said...

OMG, Kahla! Those are so adorable!

Melynda said...

Cute shirts!