Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mental Sticky Notes

I am so behind. I'm a horrible blogger lately, but in my defense we have had some serious computer issues. So, I'm going to have to just play catchup so I don't forget things

~ Emery now has 14 teeth, half as many as an adult. Crazy. Her first dentist appointment is with Chase's in June. We'll see how that goes.
~ Chase is now a double red stripe in karate. His next belt is a black belt and after that he is asking to move up to the traditional class. He did a double nun chuck form in testing on Saturday and did great.
~ Emery is talking like crazy. I don't know if I think this just because I'm her Mommy, but good Lord that girl has a HUGE vocabulary.
~ Chase had kindergarten graduation pictures done today and I just happened to be in the area when they were being done. Seeing him in that cap and gown made a lump in my throat. I can't believe my baby is going to be graduating from kindergarten.
~ Emery has started giving out random hugs. Love it.
~ Chase hit his first home run during a t ball game last night, off a pitch (not the tee). It.was.awesome!
~ Emery's hair has gotten long enough that we can put it in full piggies on the lower back of her head. Cutest thing ever!
~ Chase is not liking the Spanish thing at school and it is a struggle. He is doing great in the English part and absolutely loves math. I'm glad he loves math, it was never my subject and I really struggled with it.
~ Someone asked me today how old Emery was (people always say how small she is, but she's average) and it dawned on me that's she's closer to 2 than she is 1 now. *sniff sniff*
~ I think Chase is ready for summer. So am I.
~ Emery is trying to make fish lips, it's pretty cute. She can't do it, but oh how she tries.

I know there is a ton more to post. I have a million adorable pictures on my phone and am trying to figure out how to mobile post, but it's yet to happen. Right it's a major pain to get them posted because I have to email them, save, then upload them. One or two is fine, but if you have more than that it's so time consuming. Here's one though from this last weekend and one from tonight... I so love these two!

They are dirty, but having so much fun at a party we went to!

Cuddling while they watch a movie, makes my heart smile!

****I am grateful for
1) Disney is paid in full and less than 40 days away
2) one less terrorist in the world (now I pray for our country and troops)
3) 21 days of school left
4) state testing is over, now we wait for results (three weeks, may they speed by)

5) the beautiful weather we had this afternoon


Anonymous said...

Love th pic of the two of them in the chair watching a movie! precious children.

i think you need to make and post a video of the princess making fish lips!! That must be super cute!