Monday, March 8, 2010

Princess Emery is 21 weeks old!

Sweet Princess Emery,

Today you are 21 weeks old! The past 21 weeks, almost five months!, have gone so fast but I wouldn't trade a single second! You are getting so big and everyone comments on how much you have grown. Also, I know the above picture makes your hair look red, but you are still a total blond, it's just the shadow!

This past weekend we went on your first road trip to celebrate your big brother's fifth birthday. You did great and although you were rather tired, you hardly fussed at all! We forgot to give you your reflux meds on Saturday and thought you might have outgrown your issues but by Sunday you were miserable. I felt horrible, but after getting a dose of meds and a little time for it to hit your system you were good to go again. Amazingly, you even tolerated the four hour drive rather well, you are such a good girl!

I still can't believe that this time last year, we had only known you were on your way for a few short weeks. It seems like we waited a lifetime for you and now I know that a lifetime could never last long enough!

I love you so very much!


***I am grateful for
1) prayers, please pray for Layla Grace, this breaks my heart and I cry multiple times a day for them as I pray, I cannot even begin to imagine
2) 21 wonderful weeks
3) my awesome five year old and almost five month old
4) 4 more days until Spring Break!!!!
5) Less than 11 weeks of school until summer, but who's counting! ;o)


Lathan, Lauren, Logan, London said...

She is so precious! And that first picture of you holding her is BEAUTIFUL!

Stacy E. said...

Happy 21 weeks Miss Emery! You are such an adorable little girl with such beautiful blue eyes!

Hugs and kisses,
Aunt Stacy

Saffy said...

Happy 21 weeks to a very sweet girl :)
Doesn't she look fabulous in blue! (well, any colour I'm sure actually... but particularly in blue)

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how fast time is going- I too feel like my little guy is growing up so fast and it seemed like it took FOREVER for him to arrive!! I am glad to hear your first road trip went well I have actually been thinking about one for my guy and you are giving me hope for success!! THANKS!!

By the way the pictures are adorable she looks so much like her big brother there is no mistaking the relation!!