Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rewind: SeaWorld

Just a few pics from when we were at Sea World to celebrate Chase's big 0-5!

***I am grateful for
1) weekends, too bad they go so fast
2) rain
3) 6 weeks of school left and then it's all about summer vacation!
4) fun times with family
5) big boys

For Chase's Big 0-5 this year Duchess took us all to SeaWorld to celebrate and celebrate we did! We had a blast and Chase enjoyed every single minute of it. He had been once before with MeMaw and PawPaw and loved it, but this time something clicked and he has become obsessed with Shamu. He has even decided that he's going to be Shamu's trainer when he grows up, although he's not sure how to get there, so we'll have to take him. But don't worry, he'll come home and visit us and if we wanted we could live there too. Now seriously, how cute is that? Also, he got the movie Free Willy for his birthday because it had Shamu in it and he has watched more times that I can count!

We attempted to walk the RiverWalk some, but the weather on Sunday was not very cooperate and it was pretty cold and wet. We did eat lunch at Hard Rock and Chase even got a birthday sundae and a song!

Thanks for the awesome trip Duchess!