Monday, March 22, 2010

Primcess Emery is 23 weeks old!

*Totally just noticed that Emery has sweet potatoes all over her nose in these pics when you click on them... she's not the cleanest eater yet... still adorable!!*

Princess Emery,

Today you are 23 weeks old and time has yet to slow down! We had several firsts this past week, I hope I can remember them all! You got to try squash for the first time and you absolutely HATE it! In fact, you dislike it so much that every time we've tried to give it to you, you have gagged and thrown up. I'm thinking that it's not going to be your favorite!

You also got to go to the zoo for the first time with your big brother. You were a wonderful little girl and you were very intrigued by all there was to see. During your zoo trip you sat in the stroller like a big girl, no more baby carseat for you! This was actually your second time because you had sat in the stroller the day before, but who's counting. ;o)

Another first is your first tooth. I mentioned it the other night so that I would have the actual date on here, but it's worth mentioning again! You keep sucking on your bottom lip and I'm sure it's because that little tooth is making it feel very different! It's poking out a little more each day and we can actually get a decent look at it... when you'll let us!

So many firsts, it feels like every day is something new!

Love you with all my heart my sweet Princess!

~ Mommy

****I am grateful for
1) 23 unbelievable weeks!
2) bows
3) baby drool
4) little, tiny, perfect teeth
5) one more Monday down!


Mommy Daisy said...

I can't believe how big she's gotten. And she's just simply adorable! What a sweet little lady.

Stacy E. said...

Happy 23 weeks, Pretty Girl! You were such a good girl at the zoo, and you were looking quite fashionable that day, too I might add! I can't believe you already have your first're growing so fast! Love you lots!

Aunt Stacy

KuKd Chick said...

Soooo gorgeous...I love her round little baby cheeks! Thanks for the photo update. 23 weeks old and what a treasure she is.

Jennifer said...

Such a little doll... :)

Squash wasnt carters fave either. He loved sweet potatoes though!

Jennifer said...

such a little doll.... :)

And squash wasn't carters fave either. He was a big fan of sweet potatoes though!