Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So, I was thinking...

this has really turned into a "look at my adorably cute, wonderful, awesome, perfect little kid/baby blog" hasn't it? Are ya'll totally sick of it yet? I am going to try really hard to put some other stuff on here cause I'm certain that everyone wants to hear not only about my kiddos, but about my awesomely interesting life as well. You know, things like how I can't stand the idiots that drive down the shoulder of the road instead of sitting in the same traffic you are stuck in because apparently their lives are way more important than yours and they can't possibly wait another minute sitting there like you. Or perhaps about the fact that my house looks like a tornado went through and no matter how much time I spend cleaning for some reason it just won't stay clean. Or maybe about the fact I really think we should have a four day work week and a three day weekend... any takers? I always find myself thinking, "man, I should put this on the blog" but then I totally forget and end up just posting something about the kids instead. So I guess I'll make more of an effort to put other stuff too, just don't hold me to it!

****I am grateful for
1) my cousin's grandfather got good news, hopefully that will continue (send prayers for healthy reports - see her blog, Shoes, Art, and Motherhood)
2) funny shows on tv to make you laugh
3) surprise treats from awesome class Mommies
4) Hump Day (love it every time)
5) a delicious dinner ready when I got home


Elizabeth said...

oh yes, the people who drive on the shoulder totally drive me nuts too - I just think it's so rude!
hope you are having a fun day!

The Carty Party Mom said...

Oh- am I the awesome class mommy? I do hope so. I totally agree... I hate the annoying people that drive on the shoulder too.