Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One Busy Weekend!

This weekend was a super busy, super awesome, very wet weekend! Saturday we had huge downpours in our area and flooding was inevitable. Of course Saturday was also the day we had Disne.y on Ice tickets for the show in Houston!!! There was no way we were going to miss it so we piled into the Tahoe, picked up Lisa and Cade (Chase's bud), and hit the road! What normally would have taken about an hour to drive took almost two hours, but it was worth every extra minute. We met up with Duchess, Uncle Will, and Mads once we got there and the show was awesome! Many smiles from the kiddos, that's for sure! Above is my favorite pic of the weekend. You can tell very well from this shot, but Chase is wearing a crown with Mickey ears. I love that smile!

The Larson Gang (I totally forgot to put on make-up, I never do that!!!)

Three Amigos

Flounder Head

Lisa and Cade

Duchess and her Biggest Fans!

Mickey and Minnie, our faves!

Ariel and Flounder





Peter Pan's Pirates


There were so many other characters, way too many to get all of them on here!

On Sunday we again joined Duchess, Uncle Will, and Mads but this time we went to the Crawfish Festival at Old Town Spring. It was wet and expensive, but the kids loved it! Chase likes the crawfish, as long as they are not too hot! It just took a while for Mads to warm up!!

Our newest sticker, can you figure out which one it is? I love it!

***I am grateful for
1) a good OB appointment
2) Stellan is out of surgery and doing ok!
3) tomorrow is Hump Day
4) 31 days of school left (so close, yet so far away)
5) my bed, it is totally calling my name!


The Carty Party Mom said...

I'm loving the new window sticker!!!! Many blessings for you and your pumpkin.

Jen&Carter said...

I love the pic of Chase the first one he is so cute. I am glad that you had an awesome fun weekend, I think that when my little one gets big enough I would love to take him to ice show. I love the stickers on the window. Glad that you had a good ob appt.

Melanie said...

Annabelle has the same crown/Mickey Mouse ears :) We also went to see the Disney on Ice show when they came to Ottawa in March...

Michelle said...

He is such a cutie! I am glad that you had a great weekend!

AmandaHoyt said...

LOVE your window sticker!
Looks like ya'll had a great weekend.