Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

I know this is a day early, but considering the fact that I actually have time to sit and write I figured I'd better take advantage of it!

Last night we dyed Easter eggs and Chase has a grand time. That boy can dye some eggs!

Today we spent the day with all the cousins on Jeff's side and they had a blast! They were totally, completely adorable and I think he could have stayed and played for hours.

So excited about the loot!
A gang of cousins!

About to crack a confetti egg on Daddy's head!

Chase also got a big Cars bucket full of Easter goodies from Aunt Susie, thanks Aunt Susie! He is so excited about the Easter Bunny coming tonight and even asked that I call the E.B. to make sure he would bring him a big chocolate bunny and a blue ball. Easy enough! Duchess happens to be in on her way to Alaska (sounds nice and cool!) so she even put in a call to the Bunny so that her present could be delivered tomorrow too. We'll be heading to MeMaw's after church to celebrate her birthday and hunt Easter Eggs. I think this is going to be one full weekend!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing holiday!

***I am grateful for
1) Easter and the meaning behind it
2) a fantastic day spent w/family
3) Duchess having a safe trip to Alaska and back!
4) tomorrow is MeMaw's birthday
5) a fun weekend w/my two guys!


magic said...

happy easter! :)

Stephanie said...

Chase is getting so big. Looks like ya'll had a wonderful celebration!