Monday, April 6, 2009


Thank you all for the comments, emails, texts, and calls to let us know you were thinking of us with the arrival of our twins due date. I knew this miscarriage had messed with me mentally, but I had NO idea how much. I think it has truly sucked a great deal of enjoyment right out of Pumpkin's pregnancy, which I hate. This is most likely the last baby for us because I have no plans of going through another fresh cycle if come October, we have our healthy pumpkin born into our arms. I wish I could enjoy it in a naive fashion. I pretty much live in constant fear that something is going to happen and am continuously trying to rid my head of these thoughts that I know are myself letting fear get the best of me. Baby steps, one day at a time.

We had a very busy weekend and I think it left our entire household pretty exhausted. Our most awesome RE has an annual "baby shower" for all of his patients where they rent a huge place, have pony rides/moonwalks/train rides for the kids, cater lunch, visit and catch up. It's pretty awesome and I'm always amazed at the sheer number of miracles they have helped bring in to this world. It is awesome. Dr. G was talking to us and asked if we were done now, which I assured him we were (well, maybe one FET down the road, but as for fresh, we're done). He is always so positive and even told me that I could swing by the office for a scan any time I needed to for piece of mind!!! Have I mentioned that we adore this man?!??!

After that we went over to a teacher/friend's cookout and visited, while Chase played with her niece. It was a nice, quiet evening of catching up and visiting with friends.

Sunday we went to church and then out to lunch with Jeff's family. We came home to rest, but we all know that rarely happens! That evening we met up with Duchess, Mads, and Uncle Will for dinner, which was nice.

This week proves to be just as busy. Wednesday I have training, Thursday Chase is heading to Ch.uck E. Cheese with Memaw, Friday we are dying Easter eggs, Saturday we are celebrating Easter with Jeff's family, and then Sunday we are celebrating Memaw's birthday. Monday Chase heads off to the zoo with MeMaw. Definitely busy! I also have to find time this week to figure out our Disney dining plans because Sunday is the 90 days mark until we leave and the day I can finally make the reservation. Anyone have suggestions? We have ideas since we went last summer, but it can never hurt to have new ones.

I have lots of pics I need to come back and add, but the camera is in the car (and I'm too lazy to go and get it). Hope everyone had a great weekend!

**I am grateful for
1) a short week
2) a long weekend!
3) Easter is almost here
4) going to bed early tonight (or at least a plan to)
5) Easter egg hunts (Chase loves 'em)


tintedsky said...

hi. i was reading your past blogs and realised we have many things in common... esp the 5 rounds of ivf, babies in heaven, 1 active child and being pregnant now from the 5th round of IVF.

I am 8 weeks along now and i am so looking forward to crossing 12 weeks... i think i can breathe a little better when im there.. :)

Meanwhile, may your joy be full.