Monday, March 30, 2009

Mental Sticky

~ You are all boy and I love it! You think "power-poots" are hilarious and love to run around in your underpants. You are even happier if Daddy will join you and run around in his too.

~ Yesterday you and Duchess were going to play air hockey. You got the most serious look on your face and promptly informed her, "I will destroy you!" Then you laughed an evil laugh each time you scored. It was hilarious. I'm thinking you might be a tad bit competitive.

~ You love your BB (blanket) and ask for it the moment you are upset or tired. I'm wondering if we'll be sending it to high school with you?

~ You help give me my "shot" every evening by holding my hand and telling me, "It's OK Mommy... does it hurt?" It's very sweet. Then you almost immediately ask if you can see it bleeding. That may not be quite as sweet.

~ You got your four year shots last Friday and it was pretty awful. Daddy took you and said it was horrible to see you go through it because you were so upset. It took three people to hold you down and when the nurse offered you candy when it was over you told her, "You brought your own candy." I think you were basically telling her to bug off in your own little way.

~ You love the Wii, especially bowling. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that you have beaten me on more than one occasion which can be a tad frustrating since you spin circles before throwing the ball and I actually try. Perhaps I should spin a circle or two.

~ We have not told you that there's a baby in my tummy, but lots of people have come up to you
and asked if you are going to have a baby brother or sister (even after we tell them that we have NOT told you about it... drives me nuts). Daddy also freaks if you get to rough around my belly. You are pretty smart though and I think you have figured it out. When you said, "my mommy is having a baby for me" to our neighbor is was a dead give-away.

Boy do we love you!!!


***I am grateful for
1) nausea meds, life saver during the day!
2) had an ultrasound today, Pumpkin looks great, measuring right on track, 174 bpm
3) in-service today, nice day w/o the kids
4) tonight is my last shot for IVF!!!!!
5) Stellan had a better day