Sunday, March 30, 2008

We're going to Disney World!

I briefly mentioned in my last post that our family would be going to Disney World this summer. In fact, we'll be going in 2 months 1 week.... but who's counting?!? Chase is beyond excited about our upcoming trip. I really didn't know if three would be too young and although I doubt he'll remember specifics from the trip we have decided that 1) he is at that magical age where he will just be in awe of everything and who wouldn't want to experience that, 2) he will have pictures, and 3) his rockin' Duchess is giving us this trip so who could decline! In fact, not only is Duchess taking us, she is going and so is Uncle Will, Jennifer, and Miss Madison. Are we going to have fun or what?!?!

Our trip is planned for June 6-14th and this will be Chase's first time on an airplane. He is so excited. Chase loves to pick Duchess up at the airport and she told him a long time ago that she would take him on a plane, he has not let her forget that. The fact we are going to see Mickey on that airplane just makes his double exciting for him. During our trip we will be staying at the All Star's Movie Resort, which I've heard is awesome. I've checked it out on and it looks like we are going to have some major fun at this place. We are also planning on some character dining while we're there and I've already set up one meal and plan on setting up a breakfast this week. Chase talks about the trip daily and it is always the topic of conversation on the way to the sitter's each morning.

Jeff told me yesterday that he does not know who is more excited, myself or Chase. I agree, it may be a tie. ;o) I can't tell you how badly we need a vacation, but it's B.A.D.L.Y. Of course it's not near as badly as Duchess needs one!

Due to the timing of our trip we are delaying IVF#4 by a month. I've had a few people asking if we were going to give it another *try* and yes,we are, but not until after we've had some fun and enjoyed some much needed family time. Still not sure how we're paying for this, but we'll figure it out between now and then. Boy, I so don't look forward to those shots.

Anyway, off of the depressing IVF stuff and on to the exciting stuff. If you've got suggestions on what to see, what to take, or what to do at Disney World, please send them our way. Jeff and I have not been since our honeymoon in 99, so I know things have changed since then! Thank God this school year is almost over and my kids are where they need to be because I have a feeling it's going to be a tough 9 weeks to concentrate!