Thursday, March 20, 2008


Yes, I know that I've been away *forever* and the fact that I am currently wrapping up my week of Spring Break makes you think that I would have blogged like a maniac, but what can I say? Well, I can say a lot, but basically I have been fighting some kind of chest something or other for what seems like weeks (gotta love the little germies I catch from teaching), we are *still* trying to get everything moved from the old house to the new house, and up until yesterday we still had the dino-dialup going and I just couldn't get logged on. However, now we have high speed so watch out world! ;o)

. . .

What is a Dinglehopper you ask? No, it's nothing like Dingleberries, which I'm sure is what you immediately thought of upon reading that. A "Dinglehopper" is also known in Texas as a Mosquito Hawk. For those of you not familiar with Mosquito Hawks, they look like a gigantic Mosquito, but do not give you that lovely bite that Mosquitoes do. In fact, I've been told they eat Mosquitoes, but I've yet to see that in person. Now, how did a Mosquito Hawk become known as a Dinglehopper in our house? Well, apparently kids associate things in a way we never would. If you've had the pleasure of watching The Little Mermaid (for a zillion times like we have) there is a part where Skuttles explains to Ariel that a pipe or a comb, can't remember which since it's all just a huge blur by this point, is known as a Dinglehopper. This particular object apparently reminded our little one of a Mosquito Hawk because they are now known as Dinglehoppers. Nothing like opening the door at night and Chase yelling, "The Dinglehoppers are coming in, smack 'em!!!" Boy, kinda makes you wonder what the neighbors are thinking.

. . .
I am still having a tough time coming to terms with the fact that my tiny baby is no longer that, and is now a Big 3 year old... although the lovely independent state that we are in quickly reminds me of that fact on a daily basis. He has his three year old appointment today and we got the all clear from his head to his toes. He checked out perfect (we knew he would) and although he refused to talk to the Dr., until we were leaving, he has hit every milestone that he needed to (and the some). He is now up to 32 pounds 10 ounces and is 36 1/2 inches long. Thank God it appears that he has his father's metabolism, Lord knows that he does not need mine! Oh yeah, I do have his three year pictures, but have yet to figure out to resize on this laptop, so that will take me some time to get them up. Now, you must excuse me, we are being invaded by Dinglehoppers and I need to clear them out. Oh, gotta love Texas when summer's on its way.


Anonymous said...

I have been waiting with baited breath to find out what a "dinglehopper" was. I am relieved and amused at Chase's answer! Chase has the right idea, smack those Dinglehoppers....!!!

love ya