Friday, January 11, 2008

Some things I just don't understand, but then again I guess I never will.

As I watched her, I understood why a mother would starve herself to feed a baby; how there was always time and room for a child to curl close to her side; how she could be soft enough to serve as a pillow and strong enough to move heaven and earth. - Jodi Picoult/Plain Truth.

I have seen this quote many times as a signature to a mother on a infertility board I frequent and am amazed at the truth in it. Please send prayers to this mother. She has a beautiful three year old little girl and gave birth to boy/girl twins at just over 26 weeks last October. Her son passed away just a few week later and today her sweet daughter passed away. Words can not even describe the pain they are feeling and how much my heart aches for them. Please send prayers for their strength and courage during this difficult time.

This has been a very hard week. A former co-worker of Duchess' also got devastating news that her newborn son is suffering from a muscle degeneration disease and may live as little as two years. Please send prayers to her family too.

Also, a coworker of mine whose husband was in a very bad car accident last year and miraculously recovered needs prayers as well. Her husband's sister and brother-in-law were in a motorcycle accident yesterday afternoon and were both life flighted to Houston. The BIL passed away before they could get to the hospital and his sister is in critical condition w/multiple injuries. She has remained unconscious since the accident and does not know her husband passed away.

Last, Jeff's cousin will be having his 2nd surgery on the 17th. Please send prayers that goes well too.

I know prayers get answered and miracles happen, I've seen it. I believe in them. There are some things I just don't understand, but then again I guess I never will.


Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

I just sent some prayers up and will continue to do so. You're right. There are some things that we might never understand. We just have to continue to find and give love.