Friday, January 18, 2008

"My Best Fwiend"

Although Chase is *almost* three, I think the "terrible twos" may be trying to make a debut in our household. I swear that there are times my sweet, angelic child turns into the spawn of Satan and becomes a Holy Terror. During these times I try to do three things. 1) Take very, very, VERY deep breaths, 2) Remind myself how blessed I m that I have a healthy child that is able to drive me completely insane at times, d 3) Do my best to refrain from taking said child, placing him in his room, and running far, far away in the opposite direction for a very long period of time. Seriously, I am very thankful for Chase and the fact he's a healthy, happy, totally normal-in-every-way 2.8 year old... But LORD he can drive me nuts (he got that from his father)!

It's during these times that he usually does something very sweet that immediately fills me with enormous guilt for even thinking I should be running. Last night at dinner we were going through one of our all to common lately "I didn't have a nap at the sitter's today so I'm totally overtired, cranky, and just plain pissed off" moments when he leans his head on Jeff's shoulder and says, "My Daddy is my best fwiend." Now seriously, who could resist something so sweet out of his little mouth. Yep I love these moments, even when I can literally feel the new grays sprouting right from the top of my head.


Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

Yep, I hear you. The twos were a WALK IN THE BLOODY PARK next to the threes. Holy terror alive, we've got THREE of them. Children laying face down on the floor kicking and screaming are a common place for me. Doing everything that I tell them NOT to do. Grabbing stuff off counters and running like the wind in the opposite direction. DESTROYING whatever they can get their hands on. Oy, Oy, OY.

Ah, but they have their moments of sweetness, too. Thank God for that.

crayonmommy said...

OH MY GOSH! I am experiencing the EXACT SAME THING WITH ELLA! It's like she's discovered she can say NO! to everything. I am glad she's normal. Hang in there....