Monday, February 18, 2013

Our school rocks!

I love teaching and I love that my child is at my school.  However, last year was rough.  VERY rough.  To the point I had told Jeff that if I had to do another year like that, I would leave the profession.  I dreaded going to work, Chase dreaded going to school.  It was just awful.  Then, things were changed.  I didn't ask for it and was not the happiest at first, but sometimes we just have to go with it.  And I am so very thankful we did.  This year has been so much better.  I love my school, I'm back in first, my principal is awesome and most importantly, Chase is happy.  His teacher is wonderful.  He has made new friends.  He is rocking the grades.  One day I will learn that I can't be in control of everything and that things happen for a reason. ;o)

Every six weeks we have an academic pep rally and this six weeks was themed Western.  Jeff even got to come up.  Chase absolutely loves these, so do all the other kids.  I think it's great the school
does them.  They are a lot of work and our specials' teachers go all out.  My two favorite guys!

We also had Nacho's and Numbers recently, which is family math night.  Emery is so ready to go to school and was over the moon happy to be at her Bubba's school doing "work" with him.  I love these kids!

****I am grateful for
1) changes, even the ones I didn't ask for
2) a wonderful school year
3) a job I enjoy
4) the 100th day of school (it was last week, this year has flown)
5) smiling at my job again