Friday, February 22, 2013

Our Little Junior Olympian!

So I'm not sure if cup stacking is popular everywhere, but our district does it and Chase absolutely loves it.  He really got into it last year and Coach Blake (who Chase is pretty close to) gave him a set of cups, a mat, and a timer.  Then he got more cups from Santa for Christmas in orange, his favorite color.  They do a district competition, but apparently we missed that memo last year so he didn't compete.  However, this year he was all about it.

Coach Hooten and Johnson have been working with the kids that would be competing which is just icing to the cake for Chase, because if he could go to PE every day of the week, he would.  I have been super impressed with out hard he's worked and how into the cup stacking he has really become.  Apparently this is a major sport and highly competitive, who knew?! 

Wednesday night the district wide tournament finally arrived and Chase was so ready.  He competed in three different forms? Stacks?  Not really sure what they are called.  He was a little nervous, but we got lucky and he got Coach Hooten as his official timer and I think that helped.

Due to computer issues, we didn't get official ranks until yesterday afternoon, but can I just say he rocked it!  Out of all the 7 year old boys to compete in the district he got 2nd in 3-3-3, 8th in 3-6-3, and 5th in the full cycle.  Wowsers!!!!  We are so, so proud of him!

However, there's more!  This morning Coach came to my class to tell me that he had been invited to AAU Junior Olympic Games Sport Stacking Championships in July that will be held in Michigan!  How do we say no to that???  So, guess where we are going this summer with our little Junior Olympian??!?!!  Words do not even come close to saying how proud we are, I knew this little boy was destined for great things!

Here's a shot of the 3-3-3, check out that time! (He is all about Coach's orange shoes!)

Practicing during warm-up, total concentration.

Of course the princess wants to be just like big brother!  He's training her young!

How lucky I am to be his Mommy!

****I am grateful for
1) wonderful opportunities
2) competition, keeps us on our toes
3) great coaches, all of them
4) summer trips
5) proud moments