Saturday, August 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Somebody in our house celebrated a milestone birthday today! I won't give out numbers, but I'll give out some hints:

1) It's an even number.
2) It's a multiple of 10.
3) It's a multiple of 5.
4) One more decade and he'll be half way to 100! ;o)

Happy birthday to the best daddy, husband, and best friend around!!!

We actually had a little surprise party for him today and managed to keep it a surprise. We didn't tell Emery and Chase just found out earlier in the week. Of course, he almost slipped up earlier today when he said, "I can't wait for the P-R-A-R-T-Y (yes, I know he spelled it wrong)!" My mom laughed and said, "You know your dad can spell, right?" Chase giggled and said, "Oh yeah!" Fortunately, Jeff was in the other room. Good times and great memories!

****I am grateful for
1) school supplies shopping is done
2) a little rain storm here and there (although we need more please)
3) vacuum cleaners (what did they do before these were invented)
4) recliners (I like my feet up) ;o)
5) really dark, cold rooms when it's time to sleep