Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

~ Emery is going on 3 weeks with the same ear infection. It's ugly. She's been on 3 antibiotics (still on the 3rd one), 2 types of ear drops and has had it microscopically cleaned twice already. We go at 3:30 to have it done yet again. :o(
~ Despite her ear infection, she's still pretty sweet and happy most of the time (we have tylenol with codeine for when the pain is too bad).
~ We discovered hair mascara this week. It washes right out and only last for two days w/o washing, so I picked up some purple. Both kids had it in their hair. Chase wants red today (turns out Wal.mart says it way cheaper than Seph.ora and now we have red and pink too).
~ I only have two weeks of summer vacation left, where did it go????? Have to go to training two days next week and get all my stuff moved to my new school, so I'm afraid I have very few free days left... sniff sniff.
~ Jeff started his new job this week and really likes it. I'm so thankful for the blessing.
~ Tomorrow is Jeff's 40th birthday. It's funny because I still feel like we are only in our 20's, again, where did time go?!!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

****I am grateful for
1) squeezing in the ENT for another ear cleaning (if it would just get well then I'd be REALLY grateful)
2) morning cuddles
3) Nana comes home next week from vacation, we miss her
4) birthdays, even the ones that make you 40 ;o)
5) two more weeks of summer, Lord knows they'll fly by


Amber said...

Poor girl! Hope she is feeling better SOON!