Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

~ Yoda, the French Bulldog had his "big" vet visit this week and now both dogs are fixed! No French/English bulldogs puppies for us thank you very much! Princess Leia's eyes are looking great and the vet believes her surgery can be deemed a success. :o)

~ Chase met his teacher tonight and is finally sort of excited about going back to school since he got to see his friends. That's one downside to being a teacher, I never get to take him to the functions like Meet the Teacher/Open House/etc. But I guess that's makes Daddy feel important.

~ I am totally and completely exhausted after this week, but come Monday morning school is back in session and I'm ready to go!

~ After working 13 1/2 hours today (had to stay after Meet the Teacher to sort supplies) I came home to a Princess with a fever. :o( Hate when one of them is not feeling well. Guess we'll be making a trip to the pedi in the morning if she's not doing better.

~ My foot has been giving me issues :o( Not sure what I'm going to do just yet but I think Disney World was just a little rougher than what I was ready for and I should have let it heal longer before pushing that hard. *sigh* It was feeling just a little better but after today it is hurting quite a bit tonight. So frustrating!

~ My house looks like a tornado blew through. Must clean house this weekend.

~ Two people I know found out they are having girls this week. Gives me baby fever... ack! Maybe the fact that my baby is getting to be such a big girl makes it worse.

~ Jeff's cousin, Wade, is back in the hospital. I freaking hate cancer. Please send lots of prayers.

~ We have a very laid back approach to potty training and let the kids lead because we think when they are ready, it'll be that much easier. Chase totally pottytrained himself and it was awesome. Emery has just now started showing some interest. I think when she turns two we'll start with pullups and go from there.

~ Her birthday is less than 2 months away. Crazy!

~ I can't believe my baby boy is going into to first grade. *sniff* I told Jeff that we only have 11 more years and he'll be going to college. Maybe I'm jumping the gun but it makes me sad to think of how fast 11 years goes!

~ Speaking of fast, Sunday is our 12th wedding anniversary. Sometimes it seems like we just got married yesterday and other times it feels like... 12 years.

****I am grateful for
1) class is ready to roll
2) looks like lots of great parents/students this year!
3) the challenges that lie ahead and keep life interesting
4) the weekend, so tired!
5) being home with my Princess that's not feeling well, but I know that she will feel better!